Our Story

What started as some gatherings of family and friends became the catalyst for creating YouNique Phx.  Hearing how much better people felt after participating in the classes and labs we wondered aloud about the impact such experiences could have in our community.

We knew we wanted to sow our seeds near downtown Phoenix because it has grown into a vibrant, energetic, open-minded and inclusive environment.

From here we hope for the ripple effect of these dynamic attributes to spread across the valley to build a stronger, healthier community.

Our Approach

We have a well-developed curriculum employing a variety of materials for people to use in creating a story about themselves: their past, present & future.  We use repurposed materials as a basis for creative expression.

 Meet the Team

Anne and Mary Beth realized they complemented each other's strengths right away.  Mary Beth wanted to focus on teaching art classes and holding art labs.  Anne wanted to capitalize on her MBA skills to create a meaningful business that would impact the community.  Both wished to create an environment where they could help others feel both seen and heard and wanted to work it as their full time jobs.  YouNique Phx is a result of their passion and focus!

Anne Halvorson is a left-brainer with a life-long appreciation for others’ ability to express themselves through visual arts. Her appreciation notwithstanding, her personal artistic expression has been sporadic.

Anne's passion for addressing basic needs impacting her community – locally and globally - led her into a career in the non-profit world as a fundraiser and program manager where she mixed her analytical side and management background with controlled creativity.

Anne is a Blue (True Colors) Debater (16 Personalities) middle child (birth order) making her utterly YouNique.

Working in the elementary school setting for 30 years, Mary Beth was a National Board Certified Treacher, AZ Master Teacher Mentor, Program Coach and Staff Developer.

Mary Beth learned the healing powers of art through her participation in an art therapy group for many years.  She never considered herself to be artistic but, as she relaxed into the process, incredulously discovered that side of herself and how much lighter her spirit felt afterwards.

It was then that Mary Beth realized what her encore career would center around.  She wanted others to experience the power of creative expression and its healing effects on body and spirit.